Special features

  • high mechanical strength
  • low friction losses
  • high flexibility with no kinking or cracking characterics
  • long serve life
  • the range provides excellent resistance to vacuum, weater conditions and chemicals
  • hoses are recommended for suction and discharge of liquids and abrasive solids, pneumatical haulage of gases and dusts and also like cable protection
  • tolerances of internal diameter ±2 %
  • working temperature range
  • from -40 °C to +60 °C
  • working pressures at 55 ±2 °C – approx. 1/3 of working pressure at 20 °C
  • for testing of pressure – EN 23994/1993

Possibilty for using of flexible hoses


  • drawing of liquids
  • suction of muds
  • transport pipe-line for feed and the other agricultural products
  • agricultural machines (sowing, spraying, etc.)
  • gardening


  • suction technic
  • oilstead
  • mining
  • chemistry
  • industry of paper and of cellulose
  • hydraulic and pneumatic delivery for machines in food industry
  • wood and furniture industry, etc.

Information about construction of other hoses, which are not in this catallogue, you may acquire on our address.